By Amelia Brunskill

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This shocking, suspenseful novel about a group of teenage girls living in a cult shows the terrifying paranoia and suspicion that emerges when one of them goes missing—perfect for fans of We Were Liars.

Nine girls bound together
in beautiful, virtuous Havenwood,
a refuge from an unsafe world.

Then there are eight
one of them gone —
departed with no warning.
Did this member of their pack
stray willingly,
or did something more sinister occur?

The girls seek answers
not knowing if they should be angry
or frightened
or perhaps,
they should be both.


  • "Haunting and lyrical, Wolfpack will grab you by the throat."—April Henry, NYT bestselling author of Two Truths and a Lie

  • "Held me breathless as I raced through the pages.... Such a spellbinding read!"—Kip Wilson, author of White Rose

  • “This is a missing girl mystery wrought by a poet, a haunting story of girlhood inside the coercive confines of a cult.”—Kit Frick, author of I Killed Zoe Spanos

  • “Gutsy and visceral, Wolfpack will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.”—Joy McCullough, author of Blood Water Paint

  • "Elegant and unsettling, Wolfpack is a spellbinding thriller unlike any other you’ll read this year."—Caleb Roehrig, author of Last Seen Leaving

  • Wolfpack weaves a sharp, beguiling tale of secrets and their unraveling.”—Kate Alice Marshall, author of I Am Still Alive

  • “Stunning in every sense of the word. Gorgeous and unsettling.”—Dane Mele, author of People Like Us

  • “Brunskill’s prose takes hold from the opening stanza and holds the reader tight like grim death throughout. Highly recommended!”—Javier Ramirez, bookseller, Exile in Bookville

  • "A disquieting read sure to linger."—Kirkus Reviews

  • "This novel-in-verse brilliantly develops layers of intrigue."—BCCB

  • "Intricately detailed alternating third-person POVs ... as well as a lush, collective voice spin an eerie recounting that fluidly connects familiar themes of maturation, love, and chosen family."—Publishers Weekly

  • "This novel, told in mostly alternating perspectives,...has an air of mystery about it that will keep readers turning the pages... Brunskill’s tale is a welcome addition to the genre."—School Library Journal

On Sale
Jun 13, 2023
Page Count
272 pages

About the Author

Amelia Brunskill

Amelia Brunskill is a writer and a librarian. She drinks a lot of tea, tries to befriend most animals, enjoys a good cable knit sweater, and her neighbors would probably guess that she writes sweet stories about bunnies and unicorns. She was born under sunny Australian skies, but now lives in Illinois. She is also the author of The Window. She invites you to visit her online at ameliabrunskill.com.

From NOVL Nation

“This book was delivered to my mailbox and I thought to myself upon opening it “I’ll just take a look”…two hours later I was finished with it.”

–Brianna, @hopelesslybooked

“Wow, this book. I could wax on just about the cover alone, and the inside is just as beautiful — a disquieting novel in verse about a group of girls within an idyllic cult, Wolfpack gently lulls you into a sense of wonder that quickly translates to uneasiness.”

–Erin, @all.you.read.is.love

“A visceral, merciless book. The ending shocked me to no end.”

–Celia, @celiamcmahonreads